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Our Business

At 2 Birds & A Squid our business is to help you make your Kangaroo Island experience as easy and stress-free as possible when it comes to planning meals in the privacy of your holiday retreat. We bring restaurant-quality meals prepared by trained chefs to your location showcasing the finest ingredients that Kangaroo Island has to offer.

Everyone knows that KI produce is the best in the world and we bring these famous products (KI marron, King George Whiting, Southrock lamb, KI lobster – all the best the island has on offer) to your hideaway ready for your finishing touches at a time that will suit your dining experience.

No shopping, no cooking, virtually no work at all – because we do it all for you.
At prices that won’t stress the holiday budget.

Contact us now using the details on the left here, or read through our menus below to give those taste buds an idea of what’s in store for them!

Food trio

Our Menu


KI Oysters
served freshly shucked with 3 of our homemade sauces…(seasonal)

Truffled Crab Tart
with ferguson lobster oil aioli & island baby rocket

Grilled Scallops
with Southrock chorizo and cauliflower puree…


Wild fennel Risotto
with KI Sheeps cheese (vegetarian and gluten free)

King George Whiting
with island potatoes, minted pea puree and homemade tartare

Split Free Range SA Chicken
Whole chicken semi deboned and split flat rubbed with island wild garlic
served with chargrilled vegetables and sweet onions (2 persons)

KI Southrock Lamb
with herb mashed potatoes, roasted pumpkin demi glaze and wasabi aioli


Lemon Lime Delicious
with vanilla cream

Honey Panna Cotta
with walnut liquor glaze

Sticky Date and Island Ricotta Pudding

KI Honeycomb Ice Cream